Everything Teddy Bear

During the project week, the students of 2nd grade worked on weather forecasting traditions related to bears, particularly associated with February 2nd worldwide. They got acquainted with the folk belief connected to bears emerging from winter hibernation, concerning their den and their own shadow. They traveled around the globe for the characteristic bears of different continents, visiting China, Australia, and even the North Pole.

Throughout the week, they also studied the greats of Hungarian and international literature, from Vackor to Winnie the Pooh, all the way to Paddington, accompanied by drawing sessions.

They had a great time and even invited their own teddy bears to participate in the project.

This fantastic themed week was realized with the involvement of the children's teacher, Mrs. Árpádné Krammer Lajos, and with the assistance of Mrs. Rita Lengyel Tóth Attiláné, the class teacher.

From Classics to Presentations: Unveiling the Success of Our School's Gifted English Module

In our school we pay special attention to gifted students. They take part in a talent developing programme. They can ’taste’ several fields, e.g. Maths, Art and Foreign language learning, especially, English.

The six-graders spent their English Module reading a graded readers book. We consider it really important to introduce pupils to the classics and improve their language skills via extensive reading.

They could choose a novel for themselves, the only requirement was to read at least fourth level from the six. Every week they read a few chapters and wrote a part of their reading diary with an added vocabulary note. At the end of the module students made a presentation including the following points:

1. Writer, title, brief summary of the plot (max.3-4 sentences)

2. Your favourite scene from the book. Why did you like it?

3. Your favourite character from the story. Describe his/her appearance, personality

4. Why would you recommend this novel to the other students?

5. What have you learnt by reading this book?

We have guests on the closing occasion. The fifth graders accompanied us. They made notes, listened to the presentations. It was an act of learning from each other. The elderly students shared their experiences and knowledge.

It was a great pleasure to listen to the pupils who could present their newly gained knowledge with a proper language usage. However, I consider the fact that they asked for the others’ novels to read as the biggest success of the programme.

Baloghné Halász Beáta

English-History teacher, Gifted Education Specialist

Our partner school from Lublin is also celebrating with us 

Today pupils from the 8th grade put the festive messages from Lublin on our Wish Tree. Polish students and their teachers could be the part of our Advent period, if not in person as they did 1st June during the Nation’s Day programme but they are here with us in our mind and heart. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. We can’t wait to meet again during spring in Lublin!